Whether it's a fireplace, furnace flue , or a dryer vent they need to be swept annually and in some cases once every six months. Not sticking to a strict sweeping schedule can lead to house fires, carbon monoxide leaks, flue deterioration, and many other very serious problems. All of A-1 Safety Chimney Service's cleanings come with inspections of the units being swept. During inspections our technicians will look at the chimney inside and out. They will take digital pictures of any issues that are found and will provide you with a detailed report of the issues and how to rectify them.

  •  Fireplace sweeps should be performed once a year or every face cord of wood burned. The technicians will sweep the firebox, smoke chamber, smoke shelf, and the fireplace flue from bottom to top. When fireplace flues are not properly maintained serious issues such as chimney fires and even house fires can occur as a result.
  •   Furnace Flues should be swept out once a year. If furnace flues are not properly maintained the residue that is in the flue can begin to destroy the connector pipe and even the venting passageway. Another reason to have your furnace flue inspected and swept is to make sure the flue is free from blockages which can lead to carbon monoxide backups into the home.
  • Dryer vents should be cleaned once a year and in some cases every six months. Dryer vents are the leading cause of house fires in the United States.  Dryer vents clog with lint a lot faster then most people realize.many of the homes our technicians show up to have complete blockages that have already began to burn.

Fires and carbon monoxide leaks caused by your venting systems can be prevented with proper operation and maintenance of your venting systems. You need to keep up on your systems in order to avoid costly repairs or even worse lose of life. Call today to schedule your appointment (630)827-0600.